Profound change will not be brought about by sticking with our current priorities and ideas.

Why do we need to transform our mindset to stay ahead of our competition?

Over the next decade, organizations need to unlock change in a way – and at a rate – that has so far eluded us. With accelerating change being the only constant, industries like healthcare, energy and financial services will be unrecognizable by 2030.

A big component of this paradigm shift will be caused by innovations in what we call ‘digital’. However, there are many social trends, political changes, technologies, innovations, and economic changes that are silently transforming industries and the way you interact with the world.

The accelerating change of the world will bring forward massive organizations that can leverage the new trends and technologies to meet customer demands using new business models and service offerings. On the contrary, the gap with losing businesses will become larger as most organizations are unable to adapt to the accelerating changes in their industry.

For your organization to win the battle and stay relevant, it is not enough to know what needs to be done in the near future. You need to accept that radical shifts in all parts of society and business will be required. To prepare yourself and make sure you create value for this new world, you need a mindset shift that allows you to look ahead and anticipate on emerging change before your competition.

What is blocking us from rapid transformation?

Changing the mindset of your organization’s mindset is unfortunately easier said than done. It requires you to become a change agents within your organization and persuade stakeholders and solve the main blockers of organizational transformation. The main blockers of transformation are:


Short-termism recently headlined BBC as one of the greatest threats of our civilization. Humans tend to overestimate what happens in the near future, and underestimate change that happens in the long-term, which is what keeps organizations from seeing the importance of acting now on change and innovation in the future. Organizations that exhibit large amounts of short-termism are less likely to make choices that benefit the world and their organization in the long run. It blocks transformation because it exhibits us to see the long-term change impacting our industry and market.

Opportunity alignment and ambition

In addition to the constraints that short-termism imposes, our organizational mindset is often not sufficiently aligned on the need for action. This means your organization spends little time empowering you to come up with opportunities for innovation. It also means that there is no clear alignment on what validated opportunities are most interesting to grasp, and it is unclear what the ambition of the organization is with emerging future opportunities.

Transition costs

Transparency is needed about the costs of transition and change or its likely effects on a range of different stakeholders. Most organization see the reason for some change; however, costs are holding them back from actively investing in long term innovation.

Transition costs of the transformations we seek will be significant – enormous in fact – as will the costs of inaction. Acknowledging the true transition costs is an essential part of planning how your organization can future-proof its business. It is key to minimize the risk of every long-term opportunity your organization aims to grab and reduce the risk of investing in innovation that does not contribute to your company’s long term vision.

How you can Future-Proof your Organization

To better prepare your organization for the future, you need the ability to anticipate future change by spotting opportunities the moment they arise and taking into account emerging risks in your long-term planning.

After spotting the future changes coming your way, it is important that you understand how to anticipate it. This requires you to deeply understand the change coming your way and how it will impact your business.

As a business futurist in your organization, you need to make your organization aware of the wider system in which it operates and the changes that are impacting it. This means you need to build the organizational capabilities to understand changes and be able to spot the emerging opportunities that your organization can use to future-proof its business.

Upskilling you to become a business futurist in your organisation

As a Business Futurist, you are the change agent in your organization that has the skills to set up continuous scanning systems that allow your organization to anticipate on emerging change. You are also equipped to deeply understand this future change and help your organization take quick action.

Enhance the speed at which you perceive change and can make choices

Build a choice menu of options that your organization can pursue to increase its long term success

Detect change, novelty, shocks, trends and surprises in your industry

Be better at managing risk and uncertainty for your organization

Integrate opportunity management within your organization

Spot emerging opportunities that your organization can leverage to stay ahead of its competition

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You are a professional working in a large corporate organization that operates in a high-paced industry or an industry that is being disrupted. In other words, this course is for you if you want to empower the large company you work for to accelerate its change and future-proof its business.

However, many others will find this course useful because the taught skills can be applied in many roles, industries, and departments.

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Here’s what your course will cover:

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Understanding the terminology

Chapter 3

Glossary Toolkit

Chapter 4

Mapping the Future

Chapter 5

Creating scenarios

Chapter 6

Causal Layered Analysis

Chapter 7

Emerging Issue Analysis

Chapter 8



  • Welcome
  • Defining Futures Design
  • The importance of Futures Design in spotting change
  • The field of Futures Studies
  • Hurdles to overcome in long-term thinking
  • What makes a good long-term thinker

Understanding the terminology

  • Futures cone of possibility
  • Types of information
  • Signals definition
  • Inflection points
  • Driving forces
  • Leverage points
  • Workforce futures

Glossary Toolkit

  • A complete glossary of the most important concepts
  • 100+ concepts included

Mapping the Future

  • Futures mapping fundamentals
  • Understanding the Futures triangle

Creating scenarios

  • What is a scenario
  • Consequences tool
  • Tips for creating scenarios
  • Scenario strategies

Causal Layered Analysis

  • Causal Layered Analysis fundamentals
  • Causal Layered Analysis Toolkit

Emerging Issue Analysis

  • Understanding emerging issues
  • Emerging issues master guide


  • Backcasting fundamentals video
  • The Backcasting Template

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