Live Foresight Kickstart Program

The world has changed – but have you?

Our interactive course will provide a sound understanding of the fundamentals and practical applications of Foresight and Futures Thinking. In this cohort-based program you will work on your own project to build the skills required to build a case for Foresight within your organisation.
You will engage with a community of like-minded peers in your journey to become the change agent for your organisation and shaping its future.

What will you learn?

You will gain an understanding of the core concepts in Foresight and its application in an organizational environment – bridging the gap between practical application and theoretical concepts.

Enhance the speed at which you perceive change and can make choices

Build a choice menu of options that your organization can pursue to increase its long term success

Detect change, novelty, shocks, trends and surprises in your industry

Be better at managing risk and uncertainty for your organization

Integrate opportunity management within your organization

Spot emerging opportunities that your organization can leverage to stay ahead of its competition

Here’s what your course will cover:

Live Session 1

Foresight 101

Live Session 2

Foresight 102

Live Session 3

Structuring a Foresight project

Live Session 4

Mapping the Future

Live Session 5

Deeply understanding Possible Futures

Live Session 6

Foresight Deliverables

Live Session 7

Foresight 2 Action

Live Session 8

Q&A and Next steps

Foresight 101

  • Welcome
  • Get-to-know with your Cohort
  • Introduction to Foresight
  • Where to apply Foresight?
  • How to explain the benefits of Foresight?

Foresight 102

  • Core Foresight Concepts
  • Case study Introduction
  • Defining a Foresight Research Question

Structuring a Foresight Project

  • Who do you need?
  • Creating organizational buy-in
  • Typical project phases
  • Concrete deliverables to aim for

Mapping the Future

  • Horizon scanning
  • Identifying signals
  • Tracking & Documenting Signals
  • Futures Wheel

Deeply understanding Possible Futures

  • Causal Layered Analysis
  • Systems Thinking

Foresight Deliverables

  • Scenario’s
  • Artefacts
  • Storytelling
  • Visioning
  • Alternative Deliverables

Foresight 2 Action

  • The last mile problem of Foresight
  • Backcasting & Roadmaps
  • Influencing Decision-makers
  • Evaluating Foresight Returns

Q&A and Next steps

  • Project presentations
  • Q&A
  • The next steps of your Foresight journey
  • Staying in touch with the community
  • Evaluating Foresight Return

What is included?

With professional experts from all over the world, this Foresight Kickstart program is one of its kind. The program consists of 8 live training sessions and uses a project-based learning where you will work on your own Foresight project and learn to pitch and successfully implement it within your organization.

Live Interactive Training Sessions

This training program consists of 8 live training sessions, led by expert Foresight practitioners from all over the world. The aim of the sessions is to get to know your fellow students, learn more about Foresight and apply it in real-life situations.

Community Access

Each cohort will have its own community of like-minded students. You will be able to connect with others in the same situation as you and learn from each other, share best practices, and study together.

Project-based learning

Many apply to Foresight training programs with a specific goal in mind. These goals can range from integrating it into organizations or anything else. In this project, you will be working on real-life cases and projects so you can immediately start applying what you learn.

You’re perfect for this course if…

you want to kick-start their Foresight learning journey. Everyone can apply, as long as you speak and can understand English. The program will be especially beneficial for people with little knowledge of Foresight but that are interested in learning and applying it in their life or business. As this program focuses a lot on the practical side, you will be taught how to use Foresight to create better organizations.

Best In Class Education

We’re experts in what we teach and are widely recognised. Completion of our courses is highly regarded by employers and will benefit your organisation in its resilience and adaptability.

Leading Experts

This course is thought by Andrés Valencia, Mukund Kulur and Koen Vegter. All are experienced Foresight practitioners and Foresight award winners focussed on helping you simplify and understand key concepts.

Personalized Learning Experience

Many apply to Foresight training programs with a specific goal in mind. Whatever it is, we want to support you. This course provides the opportunity to ask for personalized feedback and help.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

We update our course content regularly. Meaning you get the latest cutting-edge tools, techniques and strategies when you take our course.

First Class Last Class # of Classes Class Times Price
March 16 May 4 8 16:30 CET – 19:00 CET

 $ 997

Early bird price  $ 249

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this course offered with a discount?

Because this is the first cohort we are offering, we will also be searching for the best way to explain the concepts. For this reason, we want to ensure our price/quality is world-class, so we are both lowering our prices for the 1st cohort and overdelivering where we can.

Who is this course for?

This is for everyone interested in Futures Design, Foresight, spotting change and stimulating innovation within their organisation.

Who is teaching this course?

This course is thought by Andrés Valencia, Mukund Kulur and Koen Vegter. All are experienced Foresight practitioners and Foresight award winners focussed on helping you simplify and understand key concepts.