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Develop disruptive visions and strategies

A vision can be a strong north-star for your business, helping your business focus its resources or become more purpose-driven. At Might, we develop future visions that are supported by your entire organization. We do this using our Futures Design approach that takes into account the uncertainty of the future and emerging opportunities and emerging risks that may occur. With our future-back approach, we also know how to translate visions into concrete strategies that you can start with today.

Educate your workforce

Developing leaders that can act as change agents in your organization is a powerful way to improve your company’s ability to react to change. At Might, we provide corporate training programs that upskill your teams and make them certified Business Futurists ready to navigate your firm into the future. These training programs are conducted by our Futures Design professionals and always tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Get help with your future-related questions

If your organization is already exploring new trends and technologies, you may have specific future related questions that you are struggling with. At Might, we can help you with future exploration by providing you with the deep insights you need to understand how new trends and technologies will impact your business and industry. We always aim to answer your specific future-related questions and provide you with a strategy to navigate future uncertainty.

Keynotes and inspiration

In our keynote and inspiration sessions, our Futures Design experts will bring you right into the future. What are the latest trends and technologies that will impact us? How will we work in the future? We offer tailored keynotes and inspirational talks that will give your organization a glimpse of the future and get inspired to act on the emerging changes happening right now.

When can we help?

We can help you if…

  • You are ready for disruptive innovation
  • You aim to better understand the complexities of your industry
  • You want to know which trends and technologies will impact your business
  • You want to develop a future-proof strategy
  • You have very specific future-related questions
  • You want to know which emerging risks will impact you in the future and how to anticipate
  • You want to create a more impactful innovation portfolio

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