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    At Might, we support you in your search to become better at spotting opportunities. We do this by teaching you foresight techniques that allow you to scan industry horizons for existing and emerging possibilities. A complete academy full of resources and material is available to teach you best-in-class opportunity spotting methodologies. Start learning here.

    Might helped me spot higher-quality opportunities, something that I am using every day in my job and life.

    Carola V.

    Category Manager, Mediq

    Access to the most complete opportunity, change and trend database

    Access the exclusive trends database dedicated to helping you find the best opportunities out there. Get expert insights into what is going on in the world by browsing through social trends, emerging technologies and innovative use-cases and opportunities.

    The Opportunity database of Might has provided us with countless insights and allows our innovation team to stay up to date with emerging innovations.

    Angelica T.

    Innovation Lead, Walmart

    Horizon 3

    Might helps us make our ideas more tangible and data-driven by teaching us and co-creating a research-based story and justification for the opportunities we are proposing to our senior management.

    Bas van M.

    Growth Marketeer, L'Oréal

    Spotting an opportunity is the first step, validation and justification is what matters most

    What is the size of my opportunity? What are the skills needed to grasp the opportunity? How does my organisation need to transform to grasp opportunities? A list of opportunities is only relevant if you can determine their quality. This is why validation is important. We at might support you in the process of researching and prioritizing the best opportunities.

    However, having a range of validated ideas is only relevant if you can get the relevant stakeholders aligned and the right resources in place. To make this happen, you need a solid fact-based justification of why your organisation should grasp certain validated opportunities. This requires creating opportunity justifications and requires a clear strategy of getting the opportunity to the attention of the right people. A clear storyline, communication strategy, quantitative and qualitative opportunity research or real-user research is needed to convince stakeholders. Might helps you assess the market and opportunity, get the right data and synthesize all information into a compelling story that justifies innovation projects in your organization.

    What’s inside our Playbook

    Understand the methodology we use in our trainings and on our opportunity platform by downloading the free playbook on long term thinking






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    Drivers of change


    Educated Incapacity


    Key concepts

    The Long Term Thinking 101 Playbook gave me great insights into how to think about the future and its opportunities. It was the start of a great learning journey!

    John M.

    Innovation Consultant, Accenture

    About might.

    We are Might, an agency for opportunity design that believes all great change in the world starts with someone spotting an opportunity and being empowered to grasp it. This is why we empower people to spot opportunities and justify the change needed to achieve a better future. 

    We provide futures education that teaches you the latest in opportunity spotting and foresight techniques, and we provide you with tools and databases to support your learning journey. After our training, you are able to spot the latest changes and opportunities in your industry. We give you a fresh insight into the accelerating and changing world around you. And once you have identified your next amazing idea, we help you get the support you need to start making an impact.

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