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Introducing Futures Design

With accelerating trends and exponential technological development, industries are changing so fast that most businesses will hardly be able to adapt in time. These accelerating changes require a new mindset, and methodologies that help your business navigate the complexity, volatility and uncertainty of your business environment. Futures Design helps businesses navigate the uncertain future business world. Learn more about Futures Design here.

Might helped me spot higher-quality future opportunities, something that I am using every day in my job and life.

Prepare for increasing change

Futures Design provides you with a systemic approach to continuously scan for relevant new innovations and disruption, helping you become deeply aware of the emerging opportunities and the future risks that you face. Businesses that apply Futures Design have a future-proof strategy that takes uncertainty into account, they understand their long-term vision, have a clear sense of emerging opportunities and risks, and prioritize long-term and short-term innovation accordingly.

The Futures Design platform of Might has provided us with countless insights and allows our innovation team to stay up to date with emerging innovations.

How we help your business

We help your business navigate uncertainty and prevent you from making short-term decisions that harm your long-term security and growth. We do this by implementing our Futures Design Scanning Methodology© into your organization, we future-proof your strategy and innovation efforts, and train your team with the Futures Design skills they need to become catalysts of change. Get in touch to discuss how we can help your business here.

Might helps us make our ideas more tangible and data-driven by teaching us and co-creating a research-based story and justification for the opportunities we are proposing to our senior management.

Your Futures Design Agency.

We believe that by helping businesses become deeply aware of emerging change, they can anticipate developments and be the first to adapt and thrive. This is why we enable businesses to continuously spot future opportunities and emerging risks earlier, helping them justify change to solve tomorrow’s business problems today.

What’s Inside Our Playbook

Understand the mindset and methodology we use in our training programs by downloading the free playbook.

  • VUCA
  • Backcasting
  • Causal Layered Analysis
  • Signals
  • Drivers of change
  • Educated Incapacity




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